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Acne free, for free?

If the toothpaste didn’t work, maybe a few of these tips will! This blog post will summarise a few things which should help keep your skin healthy…and be acne free, for free!

1.Change your covers often

Throughout the day we sweat and lose dead skin cells, even if you wash your face before bed the dirt will accumulate over time. Changing your bed sheets once a week or once every two weeks will reduce the chances of dirt clogging your pores as you sleep and consequently leaving you with unwanted pimples.

2.Wash your face with lukewarm water

Rinsing your face with cold water has a refreshing feeling ,however, it is not recommended to this everyday. Most of the time I rinse my face with lukewarm water as it tightens the pores without being too harsh on the skin like hot water would be, which is not the best option as it causes dehydration.

3. Drink lots of water throughout the day

You have probably heard this many, many times before. Drinking water helps our body get rid of any toxins and also helps our body generate new cells leaving your skin healthy and beautifully glowing.

5. Cleaning and moisturising

All your skin needs is a few minutes of care everyday, at the start of the day and before bed. Cleaning your face with water and moisturising it with cream should do the trick. Your skin does not need a 20 products skin care routine, just find what is simplest for you. One cream I would recommend is the ‘Aveeno‘ cream.

Diet affects the skin as much as what you apply on it, it deserves a whole blog post on its own so stay tuned!

I wish you for you to live a life acne free for free!

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