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Clear skin Formula? (How to GET RID OF ACNE)

We have all had that stage in life where we were desperately looking for ways to clear up our skin of acne/scars on Youtube. Am I right? Are you looking for a Clear Skin Formula? Do you want to know how to get rid of acne? Let me share with you this family recipe. Are you ready?

Can you believe that it is even quicker to make this mask than the last one I showed you?! All you will need is White Clay, and Geranium water. I got both of these ingredients from my family in Tunisia so I know it is of good quality. When buying ingredients for DIY face masks make sure you trust your supplier.

2 ingredients! That is all you will need…should we get started?

What you will need:

White Clay (Link for our UK Friends here)

Geranium water (here for UK)


  1. My white clay was in solid form so I had to soften in with warm water. If you bought your clay in powder form you will not need this step.
  2. Once your clay had become a paste/powder add the geranium water (about 1 tbsp)
  3. Mix!
  4. Use a face brush or your hands to apply the mixture on your face (and neck) The mixture will be liquid, but it hardens on your face so do not worry!

There you have it, this mask has definitely become my favourite after I tried it. I do it once every 2 weeks and I am IN LOVE. Try this clean skin formula on how to get rid of acne and comment on this blog post what you though about it!

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