Intelligence is beauty and how to nourish it

Intelligence is beauty and How to nourish it

What does that mean?

My post this week has been inspired by inaugural poet Amanda Gorman’s story (read Amanda’s Poem – The hill we climb here), and the book I am currently listening to on Audible – Limitless from Jim Kwick. Keep reading to find out what I mean by Intelligence is beauty and how to nourish it

At, we believe that beauty is beyond the physical appearance. Yes to beauty tips, product reviews or natural remedies.

Moreover, there is something else. The beauty that comes from within

That “within” has many forms and names. First, the beauty can come from the beautiful serenity from within, the peace of mind, the harmony with yourself and your surroundings. There are many ways to get there, and mediation is one

Then, Beauty is your self love, self forgiveness and empowering self talk

But Also, beauty is how beautiful is your soul and spirit are. How you nourish and grow the positivity, kindness and love and shine it back to light other people’s life and path through your graceful presence

However, today, I want to talk about the other beauty from within. The beauty that comes from intelligence

What is Intelligence?

Now, it is risky for me to use this word. Even Experts and psychologits have several theories and approaches about what intelligence is . has an interesting article on this here

Most experts explain it as the ability to learn from experience, recognise problems and solve problems.

In this post, I will mention one of them: Howard Gardner .

Howard Gardner is an American developmental psychologist. He didn’t agree with a single definition of intelligence and came up with nothing less than 8 different types of intelligence in his book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (1983). He categorizes them according to skills and abilities recognised in different cultures.

For instance, to name a few:

  • Verbal linguistic : Facility with languages and words. The people with high verbal linguistic intelligence are good are memorizing words, reading, writing and telling stories.
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic: Ability to control body motions and handle objects skillfully. In other words, people with Bodily-Kinesthetic are good at physical activities such as dance, sports or making things
  • Interpersonal: or emotional intelligence . People with interpersonal skills are more skilled in undertanding feelings and moods. They are able to cooperate at work and have high social skills. They communicate easily and easily emphatize with others

The way we are, as a society, has come to define intelligence through the mold of our academic system and grade. That imperfect and impetious standard tends to give a narrow vision of intelligence. Therefore, it can crush so many potentials and prevent, or delay, so many beautfil stories if one don’t break free from the establised norm.

Intelligence for me is one’s ability to fully explore and engage with a subject or activity they are passionate about and use it to shine it back onto the world.

There is a light that comes out of these people who have explored that inner power and beauty. That ability is tested, worked on, explored to grow into something that is fullfilling and satisfiying to them and to others as they share back.

Intelligence is beauty

That’s it. This is what I mean by Intelligence is beauty. I want to encourage you to go and be your beautiful and intelligent self. Find out what is your intelligence and grow it, master it, share it and shine with it. Intelligence is beauty and the way you nourish it, depends on you.

That is why beyond taking care of your skin, your hair, your mental health and emotional state, we think it is important to take care of your intellect. Take care of your brain and what makes it happy because it makes you more you. It opens up possibilty. It makes you reach new heights. 

We need to cultivate and take care of our intelligences as well as we care about matters that affect our physical appearance.

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