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Is Bergamot oil good for hair and skin?

Of all essential oils we have come accross, this one is intriguing. In this blog post, we will focus on the cosmetic application. Is Bergamot oil good for hair and skin? Read on to find out.

Where does it come from?

Bergamot essential oil comes from a tree called Citrus bergamia. Its origins is traced back to Southeast Asia. It is now mainly grown in the region of Calabria in Italy where 80% of the world production comes from. South of France and Ivory Coast in Africa are the two other regions to produce this essential oil.

The bergamot orange looks somehow like a lemon with green/yellowish thick skin. Although, the essential oil has fresh, citrus and sweet scent the raw fruit itself is very sour. Its production mainly aimed at the production of the essential oil. Producers extract the bergamot essential oils from the rinds of the citrus fruit.

Bergamot essential oil has a yellow to dark green color. It is very limpid and has a very pleasant and characteristic scent

Bergamot oil usage

Its delicious and distinctive scent makes it a good candidate for both women and men personal care products.

Its common usage is cosmetics, perfumes and other similar items. The famous eau de cologne originally contained bergamot essential oil for example.

As almost all Essential oils, Bergamot essential oil should not be used directly on the skin but mixed with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, almond oil or coconut oil.

Is Bergamot essential oil good for hair and skin?

Bergamot essential oil has many interesting properties for hair and skin.

For the skin

Bergamot essential oil contains linalool, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties making it a good pick for acne treatment. It can also help relieve from painful pimples and cysts thanks to its analgesic action and help regulate sebum production thanks to its astringent qualities. 

It also has purifying, antiseptic, calming and relaxing properties. 

Added to carrier oil (one drop for 4 drops of carrier oil), and used with cotton pad, it can help calming eczema and psoriasis symptoms or minor wounds

Bergamot essential oil blends nicely with lavender, or chamomile for soothing results. Mixed with mandarine, citrus or grapefruit, it will serve as an antiseptic.

For the hair

On top of giving a lovely scent to hair, Bergamot essential oil softens hair texture and soothe irritated scalp. It offers also good results in dealing with greasy hair.

Add few drops into your shampoo or mix it with a carrier oil before massaging it into your scalp


Bergamot oil can cause irritation and is phototoxic. Do not use it without diluting first by mixing it to a carrier oil. Do not expose the part of the body which received bergamot application to the sun at least 12 hours after application. It shouldn’t be used if you are a pregnant women, or if you are breastfeeding nor on little children under 6 years old. Above that age, follow medical expert recommendations if you want to use Bergamot Essential oil for therapeutic purposes

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