Is Lavender essential oil good for your hair and skin?
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Is Lavender essential oil good for your hair and skin?

Instagram famous, the lavender flowers pop up every spring and early summer on the social media pages. Its beautiful purple flower has more than one secret to offer and often under its essential oil form. However is Lavender essential oil good for your hair and skin?

For centuries, it seems people haven’t yet gotten enough of the lavender essential oil. It is used in every way possible. Applied to the skin, breathed in via aromatherapy or it can even be taken orally.

Where does Lavender essential oil come from?

As surprising as it might sound the lavender plant belongs to the mint herb family, but it has a very distinctive taste, look and smell. Besides being a beautiful and pleasant plant, it has been used in beauty and medical treatment for a very long time. His ability to heal and soothe different ailment has made it a must have

The Lavender essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant. These plants can be found for example in the South of France or Bulgaria.

Is lavender oil good for your hair and why?

Known as being antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, Lavender essential oil will help fight bacteria and prevent fungi from growing. Applied to hair or scalp, it can prevent hair or scalp issues such as itchy scalp, infections or dandruff and other skin and scalp inflammation and dryness. Lavender essential oil helps promote hair growth, and could help in conditions like pattern baldness or alopecia.

It is also said as being able to prevent and kill lice

Ways to use Lavender oil on your hair:

  • Use the lavender essential oil for massage

Add it to carrier oil, like Jojoba or almond oil, and massage it onto your scalp. Lavender essential oil has the recognised ability to calm the anxiety, migraine and stress. It has the double positive effect inside out

  • Add the lavender essential oil to you hair products

You can add it to your shampoo, conditioner or another product

Is lavender oil good for your skin and why?


Dry skin is prone to acne, that is why using any kind of moisturizing oil is a good remedy. Dry skin produces sebum in Excess to compensate, resulting in clogged pores and acne. Lavender essential oil provides right moisture to the skin and is non-comedogenic

A natural antibacterial, Lavender essential oil will also kill bacteria and will calm and heal painful acne pimples

To use lavender oil for acne dilute in a carrier oil. We recommend almond oil, olive oil or argan oil, and apply to your skin

Skin lightening

Lavender essential oil can help against dark sports, and will help reduce blotchiness and redness on the skin. It helps reduce inflammation and will also help in case of hyperpigmentation. It also helps heals the scars left by the acne

Face wrinkles

Being full of antioxidants, Lavender oil will help you protect your skin from the free radicals caused by environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays. Add the lavender oil to carrier oil, (for example almond oil), or to your day cream.

Helps treat skin inflammation

The beta-caryophyllene in the oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps soothe skin inflammation. It works on minor burns, sunburn, insect bites, cuts or minor wounds. It was used during the first world war as an antiseptic, as it has the ability to accelerate wound healing 

You can mix it in a spray bottle with distilled water, jojoba oil for example

Side effects and allergy warning

Like any other essential oil, Lavender essential oil is very potent, so some people may react to it or develop allergy. For sensitive skin, it is better to avoid using this type of product. Applied topically and mixed with a carrier oil should limit the effect but it is still recommended to test it on a small patch of skin other than the fact to see if there is any reaction.

Avoid use around the eye area. Pregnant and breastfeeding mums should also avoid using essentials oils.

Too much essential oils can also have the reverse effect and lead to skin irritation.

Our conclusion

Yes, Lavender essential oil is good for your hair and skin. How to use depends on what you are using it for. You can use it directly (unlike most of the other essential oils) or mix to a carrier oil or a lotion. You can use cotton balls or your hand depending on if it is a wound or just bare healthy skin.

Lavender essential oil cleans the skin, lessens pains and helps reduce inflammation. If you do not have any Lavender allergy, it can be safely used as part of your daily routine

You can use it in every part of your body, except the eyes. If you experience any side effects, stop immediately and speak to a doctor

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