Sweet Potato
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Great to use Sweet Potato for Hair and Skin Care

What is Sweet Potato? Sweet Potato is a root vegetable belonging to the Convolvulaceae family. Otherwise know as; the bindweed/ morning glory family. This vegetable originates from Central and South America. It can grow naturally in a warm region, where the water supply is sufficient. How is it beneficial to my Hair Care? Sweet potato …

Basil essential oil

Amazing Basil Essential Oil for Hair & Skin Care

What is Basil? Basil is an annual culinary herb from the ‘Lamiaceae’ family, or the mint family. This beautifull refreshing plant Originates from Souteast Asia. Basil leaves have many other uses such as a fresh or dry addition to flavour food, salads, sauces (like pesto sauce) and even make tea. Basil essential oil production Do …

Ylang Ylang essential oil from Ylang-Ylang plant

What is Ylang Ylang Esssential oil? (+Uses)

What is Ylang-Ylang? Ylang Ylang is a plant that comes from the tropical Cananga tree, native to; Madagascar,India, Malaysia,Indonesia and the Philippines. It is produced from one of the species of these trees, the Cananga Odorata. This plant has a flowering period of around April-June. What are essential oils? Isn’t it crazy are strong essential …

Carrier oil

What are Carriers Oil & Why are Carrier oils used?

What are Carrier Oils? Essential Oils are known to be very potent and concentrated compounds. Therefore, before applying essentials on your body carrier oils must be used to slow down the rate at which the essential oil is being absorbed into your body. This prevents burns and unwanted skin reactions as the carrier oil dilutes …

Essential oils

What are Essential oils and How are they made?

What are Essential oils? Essential oils are very potent aromatic chemicals. They are hydrophobic (meaning they do not like water) but they are lipophilic (fat loving). Making them insoluble in water but soluble in fixed oils, alcohols and dissolve in fatty materials (ie. grease). Because of this essential oils are diluted using carrier oils before …

natural deodorant
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How to prevent body odors with DIY natural deodorant?

Where does body odor come from? Why do we smell from different parts of our body but especially from our armpit? Does everyone smell? How to prevent body odors with DIY natural deodorant? Human sweat is odorless. Surprising, isn’t it? It can be as we often associate sweating with bad odors. However, it is not …

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DIY Strawberry Beauty Masks (Hair&Skin)

What are strawberries? Strawberries are fruits which are part of the rose family. Similarly to Acai Berries, strawberries contain high levels of antioxidants (called polyphenols). These antioxidants are excellent for both hair and skin care as they provide protection, which means you will have strong and healthy hair as well as smooth and healthy skin. …

Acai bowl with acai berries
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Acai Berries: How can they be used for Hair & Skin Care?

It is not uncommon to hear about people implementing fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and other types of berries into their weekly facial mask regime. So why not explore all the berries and fruits available to us in nature? Hopefully these blog posts will inform you with the various benefits and disadvantages of all the …

Is Lavender essential oil good for your hair and skin?
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Is Lavender essential oil good for your hair and skin?

Instagram famous, the lavender flowers pop up every spring and early summer on the social media pages. Its beautiful purple flower has more than one secret to offer and often under its essential oil form. However is Lavender essential oil good for your hair and skin? For centuries, it seems people haven’t yet gotten enough …