The wonderful story of Sina and the Eel..A coconut story

The wonderful story of Sina and the Eel..

On the island of Savai’i in Samoa, the wonderful story of Sina and the Eel tells of a beautiful girl called Sina whose beauty was known across the Pacific.

The king and the Eel

This beauty reached the Tui Fiti or the King of Fiji who was older than Sina. He took to heart and decided that he shall see to what the fuss was about. Using his Mana(Magic) he transformed himself to an eel and went to the village of which Sina resided. As he got to the village pool, he saw the beauty that is Sina.

However, when Sina looked into the pool, she saw the eel staring up at her.

The Eel and Sina

Angry, she cried ‘You stare at me, with eyes like a demon!.’ But quickly Sina noticed that the eel was very nice and made it her pet.

Years and years had passed and the Tui Fiti grew old and with it his magic. He had grown weak and decided to reveal himself. Explaining to Sina that he was once the King of Fiji and have come to see her beauty but knew that he had no chance due to his age.

He had then asked Sina to plant its head in the ground. Sina followed the eel’s request, and planted its head in the ground. A coconut tree grew from the ground. After removing the husk from a coconut, there are three round marks which appear like the face of the fish with two eyes and a mouth. One of the marks is pierced for drinking the coconut, and hence when Sina takes a drink, she is kissing the eel.

In Samoa, the fresh spring pool Mata o le Alelo in the small village of Matavai, Safune, is associated with the legend of Sina and the Eel. The pool is named after Sina’s words to the eel in the legend. The pool is open to visitors.

Tell us what you think about the wonderful story of Sina and the Eel. Do you like legends? what is your country legends? Share wih us! We want to know 🙂

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  1. What a lovely story! I had not heard that folk-tale before and I really enjoyed it.

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