The Woman Behind the Podcast ‘Menopause Whilst Black’

IBexcellence was created  to shine light on the work and trajectory of individuals, successful in their own rights, so their stories can inspire us to become the best version of ourselves. From an energetic educator to a fashion creative, speaker, model, writer and podcast host, today we talk about the brilliant woman behind ‘Menopause Whilst Black,’ Karen Arthur.

Who Was Karen Arthur Before the Podcast?

Karen was born in Balham, London and raised in Banbury, Oxfordshire. After studying performing Arts, as a dance specialist, in Leicester, Karen trained to become an educator. Her teaching career began in East London, during the mid-eighties. Relaying her knowledge of dance and performing arts would be her main activity for the next 17 years, before she suffered a foot injury. 

Thankfully, her mother’s love for sewing, which was transmitted to her during her teenage years, would allow her to teach Textiles. A skill taught in the majority of UK secondary schools. Her creativity was not limited to her career though, Karen transmits her creativity in many forms, whether it be through her ‘Wear Your Happy’ tutorials, her ebook or the way she expresses herself as in this 2018 Spoken Word London Open Mic.

After becoming a Pastoral Leader and ending her educating career as a Head of House at a local Boys Secondary School,Karen decided to close the chapter of her 28 year teaching story as the arrival of menopause, anxiety and depression took a toll on her wellbeing. But as we know, this setback would shape the next phase of her life…

What is the Menopause Whilst Black Podcast About?

When we try to prepare for things we know are coming, it brings a sense of acceptance, peace and confidence that we can face this unknown. With approximately 13 million women going through menopause in the UK alone, according to Menopause Support, Karen’s podcast brings a much needed, guiding voice, for women, especially Black women, stepping into this new milestone.

How Can You Get Involved?

You can keep up with a lot of Karen’s work via her instagram page @thekarenarthur as well as her website. If you’re interested in working with her you can find all the information you need on this page of her site.

Author’s note:

One thing I like about other people’s stories is that we can always learn something. Karen is a great example of ‘life is what you make it to be’ as she could’ve used her hardships as an excuse to stay where she was in life. Instead she decided to openly talk about her experiences, creating a community of women who needed this space in the process.

Picture from thekarenarthur.com

“I want to enable women to stand tall and celebrate how remarkable they are.”

Karen Arthur

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