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Secrets Of The North African Hammam

North Africa consist of 7 beautiful countries: Algeria, Morocco, Libya Egypt, Sudan, Western Sahara and one of my favourite countries in the world: Tunsia. These countries share the secret of the North African Hammam. Read on to find out more about Hammas and find out about the secret.

North Africa is not only known for their delicious food and kind-hearted people. North Africa has so much culture as well as interesting things to do and discover including: the Hammam, which found its way to North Africa due to other historical events.

What is a Hammam?

A Hammam is a public bathing place mostly used in middle eastern and north african countries.

There are two types of Hammams: Moroccan and Turkish Hammams. Some may favour Moroccan Hammams due to the use of steam over the water. This steam opens up the pore on the surface of your body making it easier to scrub off dead skin that has been accumulating on your body over type. You come out of their ‘squeaky clean’.Literally.

Have you ever used exfoliating gloves? Have you ever heard of them, without knowing what they were used for?

Exfoliating gloves are used on the skin during a shower or bath to remove dead skin. The result leaves your skin feeling smooth and renewed!

How do they scrub the dead skin off of your body?

Exfoliating gloves

In my opinion, exfoliating gloves* are one of the most underrated beauty secret in the world. Ok that was maybe a little bit dramatic). What is for sure is that it doesn’t get the attention it deserve.

(*The link above is for our beautiful US friends. Here is a link to exfoliating gloves recommandation for our lovely UK friends :))

For centuries, exfoliating gloves have been used in North Africa in these traditional baths.

Recreating Hammam-like conditions at home:

The best way to use them is during a hot shower/bath. The steam from that session will allos you to replicate HAMMAM conditions. You skin will be ready to be rubbed. Once you have used Authentic Exfoliating gloves, you will want to make it part of your regular body and skin care routine.

Exfoliating gloves can be used in a hot shower/bath when the water is so hot it steams. You do not have to through the pain of standing under a burning hot shower. Just make sure the water allows some hot steam will give you these Hammam like conditions.

I recommend you take a shower before doing this because as we sweat, our bodies release all types of toxins. It may be harder to scrub on dirty skin, this is just to make the exfoliating process more effective…

After Hammam care

Your body is now ready for some proper care. If you want to continue to do like women in North African then we recommand to lovingly massage your body with olive oil.

Hope you will be able to recreate this little bathhouse vibe at home! Bech Némchi lil Hammam, See you later! 😉

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